AYR Tap I Device

$ 13.99 USD
The AYR Tap I device allows you to share your contact information with a tap and a click. AYR Tap I features a small and unobstructive form factor, durable waterproof design and will work for up to 150,000 taps or more.

Note: AYR Tap I may not work with all devices.

To check if you or your friend's device is compatible with AYR Tap devices or to see a full list of compatible devices, simply click the button below.

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Compatible Devices

Compatible with iPhone

The AYR Connect web app is compatible with all iPhones. AYR Tap I is compatible with all NFC capable iPhones (iPhones 7 to 11).

Compatible with Most Androids

The AYR Connect web app is compatible with all Android phones with a web browser. Most newer Samsung, LG, Google and HTC smartphones are compatible with AYR Tap I.

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Mobile Optimized

AYR Connect is designed to work beautifully on mobile devices. You can still access and edit your profile on a Mac or PC if you choose!

After I switched to AYR Connect, I have never looked back! WAY easier than remembering to bring business cards with me to networking events.

Josh H.

New York

My AYR Tap lets me share ALL of my social media accounts at once so I don't have to waste time adding someone I meet on every social platform.

Ally S.


This is way more natural and lets me spend more time connecting with new people than sharing contact info. So simple!

Gabbie H.